WASH-E Project

“Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Energy”

Ensuring that Communities in South Africa and the rest of Africa have access to clean, safe drinking water, and Energy, adequate and dignified sanitation facilities for vulnerable communities, prevention of the contamination of water sources, and promoting hands-washing for behavioral change on personal hygiene, creating a socio-economic developmental model that integrates water, sanitation and hygiene interventions.

Our key strategic impact analysis of WASH-E resonates in Drinking Water; Sanitation, Hygiene and Energy; Water Quality; Water use efficiency; Water resources management; Ecosystems, Energy efficiency and supply.


In addition to Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) as the primary activities of FWEF, capacity building of NGOs is one of our key strategic drivers and therefore classified as FWEF strategic intermediary activity.


We also provide effective and sustainable development and training on water sanitation and hygiene (WASH-E) service delivery.